Grading System

Training the baristas of our wholesale customers to make the perfect specialty coffee each and every time.

Cry Baby

Cry Baby level has been created for the trainee barista. The course covers:

  • The Roasting Party history
  • Introduction into specialty coffee
  • Basic sensory journey in the UK
  • Basic understanding of the coffee bean and why we roast
  • Brewing basics
  • The Roasting Party concept
  • etc….


8th Grade Kid

This course covers the basic skill set and knowledge to work with specialty coffee:

  • Workspace management
  • Preparation and production of the perfect espresso shot
  • Introduction to the term espresso recipe
  • Knowledge and competence in grinder calibration
  • Working with milk
  • Basic pouring and introduction to latte art
  • Cleaning down

Rich Uncle

Designed for the up and coming senior barista.

  • Advanced sensory including all tastes
  • Multiple common aromas and defects
  • The importance of dose and grind
  • Breakdown of a grinder and how to deep clean
  • Calibration after breakdown of a grinder and reducing coffee waste
  • Introduction to the term “dialing in”
  • How to dial in and use a dialing in chart
  • Basic machine maintenance
  • Milk sharing
  • Alternative milk.


Introduction to advanced Latte Art

  • Review basics of pouring.
  • Introduction of the four most commonly poured patterns

The Professor

Designed for the Head Barista or Cafe Manager seeking a greater knowledge and advanced skills in coffee.

  • Strength v Extraction
  • Extraction levels within specialty coffee
  • Water quality
  • Water to coffee ratio
  • Water temperature
  • Turbulence
  • Filter coffee brewing methods
  • Coffee origins and processing methods
  • In-depth importance of roasting
  • Decaf
  • Milk science
  • Types of acidity and sweetness in coffee

The Sheriff

Designed for the barista seeking advanced Latte art pouring skills.

  • Review of the Gunslinger course
  • Introduction to the rosetta
  • Flouretta
  • Wing tulip base
  • Bringing both together
  • Wave heart
  • Slowsetta

For more information on the Grading System for our wholesale customers please contact,
or call the head office at 01962 867 377.